The Members of The Final Swindle

The Final Swindle is made up of a vibrant and unique group of individuals, you can read about them here!

Karen Brown (she/her) 

  • Founding member of the team, prolific format inventor, and tournament organizer, she is currently running the Keyforge Premiere League (KFPL), of which she is also a recent champion from KFPL5 and her 2024 Archon Store Championships!
Jason "Captain" Kirk (he/him) 
Riku "Emperor Riku" Nguyen (he/him)
  • Riku is a prominent member of the Vietnamese Keyforge scene and organizes a lot of the Organized Play in his region through his game store! Riku is a longstanding NKFL Diamond member, and recent KFPL 5 Champion and 2024 Archon Store Champion! You can also connect with Riku through his content here: Keyforge Saigon League - YouTube.
Simon "Zaramis" (he/him) 
  • Zaramis is a co-host for the Nordic Keyforge Podcast and an enjoyer of the Nordic Hexad format.
UltimoFox (he/him)

Kalos (he/him) 

BaoKhoi (he/him) 

NHCuong1109 (he/him)
  • A Vietnamese player, they were brought into Keyforge under the guidance of Emperor Riku. Their goal is to get to the finals for Archon at a future Keyforge World Championship! 
Woody (they/them)
  • Woody is most known for their Keyforge articles and interviews, some of which you can find here: The Final Swindle
Amrtaka (he/him)

Murph (Fudgenator) (he/him)
ReddTrain (he/him)

DogTribal (he/him)

AlgernonR (he/him)
  • Co-host for the Nordic Keyforge Podcast, winner of the Swedish National Archon Championship in 2023, and World Championship 2023 attendee!
Lainusu (he/him)
  • Co-host of the Nordic Keyforge Podcast and Runner Up for the Swedish National Alliance Championship 2023! Lainusu also streams and produces Youtube content all of which you can find here: Lainusu - YouTube
Pinkkist (he/him)

Swungoverhere (they/them)

qDinh (he/him)

Ugluk4242 (he/him)