1. How it works: If you believe you have the best deck within a given SAS range (listed on the google sheet, submit it with your discord handle and the DOK link on our google sheet). Please join our Swindle Tournaments Discord to participate.

  2. If a spot is blank, you may simply claim it. If a spot is filled, you will submit your discord and DOK under challenger’s discord and challenger’s deck. The current leader will have a maximum of 2 weeks to respond to your challenge with a best of 1 archon game. (report to Karen(she/her) on discord if a pause of longer than two weeks has taken place). If the Leader wins, they add 1 point under the “Wins” column. If it was the challenger, they replace the Leader with their deck and start at 1 win.

  3. If a leader has 3 or more leader challenges won, they must be defeated in a best of 3 in order to take their place as leader (all 3 are archon format games).
  4. All participants are editors of the sheet and the leaderboard is maintained under the honor system. Evidence of intentional cheating will be met with a permanent ban from the leaderboard.

  5. Decks retain the SAS value at which they were submitted for the duration of their stay as “leader”.

  6. You may not challenge for a spot after losing it for a period of 7 days. You may not use the same deck to challenge for a spot for 14 days.

  7. Thanks for reading! Our google sheet is here and good luck!: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nNp5PDYNGqUJsrE0GRmWoibowayuXQI0UcXD-77PIvU/edit?usp=sharing

**Many many thanks to our friends at the Swedish league who came up with this general idea! Check out KOTH to learn more! Special credit goes to Jonteking for initially developing this idea!**