Formats are developed by Karen Brown unless listed otherwise.

Swindle Tetrad (Ban One, Save One, Steal One): 

Each player brings 4 decks. Players then follow these 3 steps in sequence: 

1. Ban an opponent's deck 

2. Protect one of their remaining decks

3. Steal a remaining deck of your opponent's (you can't steal the protected one). 


Next, the players play a best of 3 match in which they can only use each deck once in any order of their choosing. Players choose their game 2 decks after playing game 1. 


Unlocked Gateway

A new format that creates a novel tournament/league structure for 3 decks. Details here


A point bidding format aimed at rewarding players for winning with the weaker deck! Details here


A two deck format aimed at creating a more even house representation! Details here


Each Player brings 3 decks for a best of 3 match. In each round, participants will play an archon, a reversal, and then an adaptive bo1 game. Prior to the match, your opponent will decide which one of your three decks will play each format and you will do the same for their decks (decisions submitted simultaneously).

Quick Moirai- As before, each player brings 3 decks. Prior to each round the format (archon, reversal, or adaptive bo1) is decided. Opponents then pick each other’s decks for the given format. This format is intended to allow a similar feel to standard Moirai within a swiss tournament structure.

Team Moirai- Players are on teams of 3 and each brings one deck. Moirai then proceeds as before with each team assigning a format to their opponent’s decks.

275 Quad
In this tournament format, each player will bring 4 decks of cumulative SAS no greater than 275. The tournament will consist of 4 rounds and a top 4 cut. In each round your opponent will decide which of your decks you will play. After a deck is chosen for one round, it cannot be chosen again during the 4 Swiss rounds. (so, for example, in round 4 everyone will already know what deck they are playing).

Top Cut Rules: The top 4 players after the Swiss rounds will play two rounds of single elimination games in order to determine the winner of this tournament. As before, in each top cut round, your opponent will select the deck that you will play. In each top cut game, they may choose from all 4 of your decks.

Variant: 275 as above but deck selection by the opponent only occurs in the top cut.

Evil Twin Format
Each player brings a single deck to a Swiss style tournament. Decks are then randomly distributed among the players (you may NOT receive your own). Each round consists of a single bo1 archon game. Each time you win a game, you receive 2 points. When the deck that your brought wins, you lose one point. Bye rounds are worth 1 point. I suggest running this with a min SAS cap. I like 70 but you do you!


Rounds alternate archon and reversal with the first round’s format randomly decided. Tesla tournaments must consist of an even number of rounds! (this format was created by Mortivas).