What is the KFPL?

Have you ever wondered what THE best deck in KeyForge is? Do you want to see the best players fight it out? Do you have the guts to enter the stage yourself and take on a Premier level of competition? If so, the KeyForge Premier League is the place for you! We put a specific emphasis on demonstrating the best that Archon KeyForge has to offer, drawing from decks from the entire history of the game and players from every corner of the world. Better yet, it’s all livestreamed! If this sounds interesting to you, come join our Discord server to find out more!

KFPL 6 Format (League Format)

You will bring 6 decks to KFPL 6 (3 pairs of 2 decks) and will be entered in 3 simultaneous 2 deck survival leagues. The decks must be drawn from at least 4 sets (for example 2 cotas, 1aoa, 1dt, and 2 GRs). Each pair of decks must contain two unique sets (for example 1 cota and 1 GR but not 2 cotas). 

Prizing: All KFPL prize money will be split in 5 shares. One share for the winner of each league and 2 for the player with the highest cumulative win percentage across all 3 leagues. The winner of KFPL 6 is the person with the most prize money at the end!

Qualification Structure

There will be four survival tournaments hosted monthly (2 deck survival). You two decks must be from different sets. The top 3 of each tournament will be guaranteed entry into KFPL6 (more if attendance is bigger). All tournaments start at 10am New York time and are $10 entry. 60% of the money goes towards KFPL 6 prizing and 40% goes towards rewarding the top players on that specific day. Sign ups here. Here’s the schedule! 

April 28th (all tournaments 10am EST start)

May 26th

June 23rd

July 28th

We will also be inviting top players from other leagues and past winners of KFPL events as necessary. Don’t count on an invite though and earn your spot in glorious fashion on livestream