KFPL Masterplan!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a brief moment to explain the entire KFPL qualification process! Every 3rd Saturday of each month we will host a qualifier. Each is $10 to participate and 40% of the cash goes to the winners of that event, while 60% goes towards the prize pool for the league itself so that we can award our ultimate winners! Our discord is here: https://discord.gg/vw5eBuem4m

 Qualifier Schedule (3rd Sat of each month at 11am NY time)

August- 75 cap triad bo1 (Won by Aurore!)

September- Reversal 75 SAS floor bo1 (Won by Reddtrain!)

October- Adaptive bo1 (each player is randomly assigned a set to pick their deck from each round) (Won by Ugluk!)

November- Archon 2 deck survival (unlimited) (Won by Lorenzo!)

December - Alliance Sealed Sign up here (Won by Kveld!)

January -  Triad bo1 (no SAS cap) Signup here: https://forms.gle/x2CNs3NQa7rkZms86

February- Archon (no SAS cap) 

March - Adaptive bo1 (No restrictions) 

 Other ways to qualify! 

Each event at Swindle Team Events and Swindle Tournaments will award KFPL spots to the winners of our leagues! (DM me: Karen(she/her)#7879 on Discord for links).

 In addition these leagues also have or will give away KFPL 5 qualification slots in their events:

-KFPL Archon bo3 league:Signup Here (Begins Feb. 1)

-KFPL triad bo3 league Started Oct. 10th.

 -Timeshapers (sanctimonious discord)




-KAGI (sanctimonious discord)

-Multiple regional events (for example if Germany had a tournament for their community I may award a spot based on the size of the event). 

-YOUR EVENT HERE: Yep that's right! Just DM me, tell me about your event and I'll give you KFPL spots to promote your event and give players something juicy to fight for. After that, I'll update this page!

 Even More Ways???

 Indeed, there are two more ways to qualify! 

1. If you were top 24 in the last KFPL(4), you are in if you'd like to be. (24 Players entered the "finals" stage of the last event).

2. After all is said and done with the qualifiers, I will open a channel on the KFPL discord called "Claim Your Spot". Players who have qualified through official channels will simply need to list the event in which they qualified and submit their form. Players who have not qualified may nominate themselves, list a few of their accomplishments in the game, and may be added at the discretion of the KFPL Dev group.

 Clarifying My Approach

 One of the hardest things as an event organizer is balancing new formats and creativity with "expected" and reliable events. You will notice that as the schedule progresses and we get closer to KFPL 5 (Approx in April) that the events become more and more competitive. Indeed, this will also be the case for the Swindle Events that are used as qualifiers. You can think of my strategy as prioritizing new player recruitment, fresh perspectives, and unsolved metas in the beginning and moving towards "hardcore mode" as we move into the second half. If you want to see more or less of something, let me know in the faq channel of the KFPL discord. I value our community and I very much want to provide the events that the community wants to see. I am also confident that many different kinds of players will get what they want out of this season's qualification procedures.

KFPL 5 Format (Triple Crown): 

You will bring 6 decks to KFPL 5 (3 pairs of 2 decks) and will be entered in 3 simultaneous 2 deck survival leagues. At least 5 keyforge sets must be represented within your 6 decks and no pair of 2 may be from the same set. All KFPL prize money will be split in 5 shares. One share for the winner of each league and 2 for the player with the highest cumulative win percentage across all 3 leagues. The winner of KFPL 5 is the person with the most prize money at the end!

  1. Rounds are 2 weeks each (so 3 games every 2 week round).
  2. All decks and records are public info.
  3. Decks must be played in order (i.e. you can't play your second deck until your first deck loses).
  4. You must have a verification image for every deck that you use. 
  5. In the unlikely event that there is a tie, the tied players will take any 3 of their decks and face off in a triad battle for the KFPL 5 Champion title with prize money remaining tied. All 3 decks used must be from different sets.
  6.  Upon the opening of the tournament, there will be a completely optional "pay as you wish" donation open to viewers and players to increase the prize pool. 
  7. If our prize pool expands dramatically, I will expand the prize structure to give smaller cash bonuses to the players who come in 2nd in each tournament.   

Prize Details! 

For a bit of extra flavor each of the leagues I've decided to name them after the treasures from Dark Tidings. If you are skilled enough to win one, you'll get the corresponding permanent role in our server!

Keeper of the Dead Mans Chest - Given to the player with the highest cumulative winrate across all 3 tournaments! (2 shares of the booty!)

Guardian of the Primal Relic- Winner of League no. 1 (1 share of the prize pool)

Protector of the Ruins of Archonis-  Winner of League no. 2 (1 share of the prize pool)

(Emperor/Empress/Regent) of Bracchanalia- Winner of League no. 3 (1 share of the prize pool)

KFPL Champion- The player who is able to collect the most treasure! 


Good luck qualifying and have fun!