Welcome to our most ambitious team event yet! In collaboration with D. Angus Clark III (data scientist), J.T. Russell, and Jason “the captain” Kirk I have worked to bring you a functioning algorithm which will produce “doppelgangers” of your decks! In brief, this means that the algorithm will identify decks roughly the same power level as your deck and with similar AERC distributions and SAS numbers  (except for artifact control which will remain random). So, for any deck we can produce a list of hundreds of statistically similar decks. 

Now for the juicy part!!!


In this team event each player will bring 2 decks. From those 2 decks we will use our algorithm to produce a list of 100 doppelganger decks. In each round, each player will bring ONE of their two decks (of their choice) to play two games. First, they will play their deck against their opponent playing one of their doppelgangers (randomly decided by a d100 roll immediately prior to play). They will then play one of their opponent’s doppelgangers against their opponent’s deck in the same fashion for game 2 (or vice versa). 

Scoring: We will use Newton scoring with two wins counting as a 3-0 and a tie counting as 1-1. If things are still tied after that during the 6 regulation Swiss rounds, the round will be called a tie. In the case of a tied teams at the end of all regulation Swiss rounds, the team with the most total wins with doppelganger decks will be awarded the tiebreaker (with one extra point).

Playoff tiebreakers: In the playoffs matches will be bo3 instead of bo2. If players are 1-1 after two games they will play a 3rd game for tiebreakers. First, they will flip a coin to pick one of the players decks. Next each player will be randomly assigned a doppelgänger of that deck (i.e. both players will play doppels of that deck and no one is playing the original).

League Structure: 6 Swiss Rounds Followed by a top cut. Ties will complicate things but I will aim for (roughly) the top 16 or 8 teams depending on league size. I may allow more teams or do a wildcard round to condense 10 teams into 8 for example. This is not an exact science and I want ​​to be transparent about that but I am aiming to reward teams that perform around the X-2 mark. 


Video Explanation and Strategy Discussion Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyZaMLURQ0M 

Gameplay Preview of the format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zad0i9Gou6g&t=3330s

Signups are here and free as always signups end Sept 30th (Winning team gets a KFPL 5 invite) : https://forms.gle/ryeT8ooZTakmB7jr5