The Big One: Chapter 3

When? 12 pm EST, Sunday August 22nd

Where? The Final Swindle Discord:

What? This is an 80 SAS cap Archon event with 4-6 Swiss rounds followed by a top cut. Entry is $10 submitted to via paypal. Half of all Entry Donations will be sent to MSF (Doctor's without Borders) and the other half will go to forming the prize pool for the event. The top 3 players in the top cut will take away cash prizes. Players of all skill levels are welcome. SAS is measured by what it was at the time you submitted the deck.

How do I join? In order to join you'll need to submit a deck and your information to this form: and Send your $10 USD entry donation via paypal to You'll also need a deck verification image that matches your name for your deck!

Extra info! This event will be live streamed by a star studded cast of Mortivas, Aurore, and Mr. Boardgamer. It's going to be a GREAT stream at the Mortivas channel:

You can find Mr. Boardgamer here:

And Aurore here:

Any questions? You can contact KarenB on discord via the Swindle group or contact her via the email listed for her paypal!

Good luck and Have Fun!