Improve Your Game with Personalized Lessons!

Hi everyone! I was hesitant to put out an announcement like this but I had a few inquiries about private keyforge lessons so I wanted to formalize something that would make it easy for people to find me and make pricing clear. I want to thank the community for reaching out to me and valuing my skill set enough where an announcement like this is necessary. Also I want to be clear that you do not need money to ask for my help! I’m happy to evaluate decks, look over games, and talk KF in general (especially with new players) for free and always will be. Hell, I will literally give you decks and tokens to get into this game! However, if you want to take a more concentrated approach and really get down into the nitty gritty this is the place for you!

Pricing is simple!

Lessons are always 1 hour. If you take them weekly, my rate is $30. Fortnightly the rate is $40 and monthly the rate is $50. (Sidenote: In non-keyforge life I am a musician and I’d charge $50-100 an hour depending on what I’m being brought in for lesson-wise). If this kind of rate seems impossible for you or exchange rates are rough DM me (contact info at the bottom of this message) and I will be willing to give flexible rates. My goal is for you to get to the level of play that you’re after!

Is this for you?

I feel confident that concentrated lessons with concrete goals can help just about any player regardless of level (yes even if you’re better than me haha). Whether you’re a beginner trying to grasp the card pool, meta, and finer points of the rules or a seasoned veteran who wants to break down tape of a key game from their latest event, I am very confident that I can help you. Please do not think of this as someone “better” at keyforge helping you. Instead, it is someone who knows how to maximize time in lessons due to pedagogical experience (university professor, private music lesson teacher) who happens to love this game and wants to see you thrive in it.

Contact Info

All lessons will take place on discord so please contact me there at Karen(she/her)#7879.