(Yes this is only for if you really need them random but once you’ve done it you basically never need to do it again. A gaming group can just have an index to which it refers once this is done once)

Creating the index:

Step 1: 

Create strings of random integers from randomized (1,2,3) to randomized 1 to Y (Y is the number of enhanced cards in the “most” enhanced deck).

  • List 3: 2 3 1
  • List 4: 4 2 3 1
  • List 5: 3 4 2 1 5
  • Etc. until Y

Step 2:

Create a random order for each list of E, D, C, X (aember, draw, cap, damage) and assign those randomly generated enhancement orders to each list. It should look like this:

  • List 3: 2 3 1  (ECDX)
  • List 4: 4 2 3 1 (XCDE)
  • List 5: 3 4 2 1 5 (DCXE)…
  • Etc.

So if I had 5 enhancements with 5 enhanced cards I would go to list 5 and add draw to card 3, if I have no draws, proceed to capture, etc.

Now the only problem to solve is if I have more enhancements than enhanced cards

Step 3: 

If a player has more enhancements than cards they go back to the beginning of the randomly generated string. So if I had 8 enhancements with 5 cards I would go to list 5 and add my enhancements until I was a card 5, then proceed back to card 3 (card order as listed on TCO).

Now, this process creates publicly viewable random strings, and is checkable by all parties if a violation is suspected. NOTE: All players with X number of enhanced cards will refer to the same randomly generated string. There cards will all be different though so it won’t matter. If you want to avoid any complaints you can generate two indexes and refer players to the A or B index (though this is entirely unnecessary imo). ­­

Addressing a fringe scenario (edit after posting): 

It was brought up in the Sanctimonious discord by Mlvanbie that if the number of enhancements are even, and we have an equal number of enhancement types, and the total list is a multiple of the enhanced card number we will be placing pips in the same location. (i.e. if I have 4 enhanced cards and 2 mutagenesis researchers the double pips will land in the same place.) This scenario is fringe but technically does exist. If you are concerned about solving it, create an idex A and B as suggested at the end of the original article and instruct players to switch indexes if such an event occurs.